Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Lucy Warde and Robert Page

Lucy Warde49 9th Great Grandmother
Christened March 13, 1604/05, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died November 12, 1665, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Francis Warde, Susanna Browne
Robert Page Married: October 08, 1629, South Walsham, St. Mary, Norfolk, England
Children of Lucy and Robert
  1. Margaret Page
  2. Susannah Page
  3. Francis Page
  4. *Rebecca Page
  5. Samuel Page
  6. Thomas Page
  7. Hannah Page
  8. Sabrina Page
  9. Mary Page

Francis Warde and

*Susanna Browne/ Margaret Denton

Francis Warde51 10th Great Grandfather
Born October 25, 1579, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died 1647, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Parents Robert Warde49, Alyse113
Susanna Browne49 Married: June 1603, Filby, Norfolk, England
Born 1581, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died before August 23, 1627, South Walsham, Norfolk, England
Parents Edmunde Browne54, Elleyne54
Children of Francis and Susanna
  1. *Lucy Warde
  2. Susannah Warde
  3. Francis Warde
  4. Thomas Warde
  5. Anne Warde
Margaret Denton139 Married: August 23, 1627, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England
Born about 1583, Walsham, Norfolk, England
Died about 1645, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England

Warde Aunts and Uncles


Susannah Warde

Susannah Warde49 10th Great Aunt
Born September 20, 1606, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died ---
Parents Francis Warde, Susanna Browne
Spouse --- Married: ---

Francis Warde and Rachel

Francis Warde49 10th Great Uncle
Born about 1610, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died 1669
Parents Francis Warde, Susanna Browne
Rachel49 Married: ---

Thomas Warde and Margaret Shaw

Thomas Warde49 10th Great Uncle
Born 1620, Filby, Norfolk, England
Died between June 18, 1678 & July 27, 1680
Parents Francis Warde, Susanna Browne
Margaret Shaw Married: about 1650, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Anne Warde and Edward Colcord

Anne Warde49 10th Great Aunt
Born 1622, Filby, Norfolk, England139
Died January 24, 1687/88
Parents Francis Warde, Susanna Browne
Edward Colcord Married: about 1640, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire