Brookshaven, Newnan, Georgia

We have to admit we really love our home. There isn't any time of the year that we don't enjoy Brookshaven.


This is our Brookshaven
- the view that we see as we come around our driveway and head to our house.
We still love it everytime we see it.


The side view of the front of the house.
We still need to work on fixing the driveways,
but the decks are so much nicer than they were.


The side view at dusk. (October 2010)


The left tower with our "solar" underneath.


Since our home is a castle; we needed a "solar".
Okay, it's not really a sunny place, but in Georgia we need a cool and shady spot.
This screened in porch is wonderful for resting and birdwatching.


The other side of our home.
We call this new balcony "Juliet's balcony"
- can't you just see her leaning over to call to Romeo?


Winter sunrise.


It's pretty in the spring at Brookshaven.


In the summer the gardens are full of flowers.


The view across the lake is always stunning. (October)


We're often asked if it snows in Georgia. It does. But it doesn't stay long enough to shovel.