Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Mary Shatswell and

William Deale/ Nicholas Smith/ *Charles Rundlett

Mary Shatswell113 8th Great Grandmother
Born 1642, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Died after April 05, 1709
Parents Theophilus Shatswell, Susannah Bosworth
William Deale113 Married: June 30, 1662
Born ---
Died July 15, 1665, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusett
Nicholas Smith113 Married: after October 1665
Born about 1629
Died June 22, 1673, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Charles Rundlett Married: January 10, 1674/75, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Children of Mary and Charles
  1. Jane Rundlett
  2. *Charles Rundlett
  3. James Rundlett
  4. Satchwell Rundlett
  5. Mary Rundlett,

Theophilus Shatswell and Susannah Bosworth

Theophilus Shatswell42 9th Great Grandfather
Born about 1599 or 1614, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died August 17, 1663, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents John Shatswell, Judith Dillingham
Notes His name first appears upon the Ipswich records in 1639, and in 1642 he was one of the young soldiers sent by the town to disarm the Indian chief Passaconoway. By 1650 he had moved to Haverhill where he took the Oath of Fidelity and served on a Norfolk county trial jury, as he did in 1652 and 1653. A partner in a Haverhill saw-mill as early as 1651, he and Daniel Ladd erected a mill at Spiggot river in 1659.
Susannah Bosworth Married: about 1642, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Children of Theophilus and Susannah
  1. Mary Shatswell
  2. Lydia Shatswell

John Shatswell and Judith Dillingham

John Shatswell42 10th Great Grandfather
Born 1574, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died February 11, 1645/46, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents ---, ---
Judith Dillingham74 Married: Suffolk, England
Born 1578, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died about 1617
Parents ---, ---
Children of John Shatswell and Judith
  1. Theophilus Shatswell
  2. *Mary Shatswell
Notes These are possible other children of John and Judith: John, born about 1597, Margaret born about 1598; married Matthew Curwen, Sibyl, born about 1601.

Shatswell Aunts and Uncles


Lydia Shatswell and John Griffin

Lydia Shatswell17 9th Great Aunt
Born about 1645, Essex, Massachusetts
Died December 21, 1729, Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Theophilus Shatswell, Susannah Bosworth
John Griffin17 Married: September 17, 1663
Born 1635, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died March 27, 1688, Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts

Mary Shatswell and

John Webster/ John Emery

Mary Shatswell47 10th Great Aunt
Born 1606, England
Died April 28, 1694, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents John Shatswell, Judith Dillingham
John Webster47 Married: 1624, Suffolk, England
Born about 1595, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died before November 04, 1646, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts130
Notes He was a baker.
John Emery47 Married: October 29, 1647, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Born March 29, 1599, Romsey, Hampshire, England
Died November 03, 1683, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts