Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks

Immigration from

Ormesby, Norfolk, England

to New England (1637)


A group of around sixty people, mostly families with young children and servants, left the villages of Ormesby, St. Margaret and Scratby, England in 1637. They sailed from the port of Great Yarmouth, four miles from their home villages, to settle in New England. The law required they give proof of their loyalty to the Crown before they were allowed to emigrate and the following is a transcription of a part of a passenger list, showing the Ormesby people who produced that proof and received permission to travel in April, 1637.

"Among the names recorded were the following villagers from the Ormesby area:

John Moulton, Husbandman aged 38 years, of Ormesby, Anne, his wife, aged 38 years, and 5 children: Henry, Mary, Anne, Jane, Bridgett, 2 servants: Adam Gooddens, aged 20 years, Alles Eden, aged 18 years,

Ruth Moulton, single woman aged 20 years, of Ormesby (John's sister),

Robert Page, husbandman aged 33 years, of Ormesby, Lucea, his wife aged 30 years, and 3 children: Francis, Margett, Susanna, 2 servants: William Moulton aged 20 years (John's brother), Anne Ward aged 15 years,

Henry Dowe, husbandman aged 29 years, of Ormesby, Joane (Widow Nudd), his wife aged 30 years, and 4 children: Thomas, Henry, Unknown (probably James), Thomas Nudd (stepson); 1 servant: Anne Maning aged 17 years."

To this list of passengers must be added a further twenty-four names of Ormesby people who are known to have been in New England by 1639 and who have been identified by genealogists working on documentary evidence such as parish and ecclesiastical records, wills and deeds:

Elizabeth Skerry (John's sister), husband Henry Skerry of Great Yarmouth and son Henry.

William Eastow, wife Mary and two children: Sarah and Mary.

Robert Marston and wife Abigail (Nudd).

William Marston, his wife and at least five children: Thomas, William, John, Prudence, Anne.

James and Thomas Moulton, (brothers), probably unmarried.

William Palmer, his wife and at least three children: Edward, Christopher and Martha.

Margery (Webster) Godfrey, son Thomas Webster and husband William Godfrey of Great Yarmouth.