Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Indivduals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Elizabeth Ellen Munn and

*John Fosten/ Andrew Ruck

Elizabeth Ellen Munn54 12th Great Grandmother
Born 1540, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Died April 02, 1579, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Parents Stephen Munn, Bridget Saxby
John Fosten Married: January 19, 1561/62, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Children of Elizabeth Ellen and John
  1. *Mary Fosten
  2. John Fosten
  3. Elizabeth Fosten
Andrew Ruck54 Married: January 11, 1573/74, Cranbrook, Kent, England

Stephen Munn and Bridget Saxby

Stephen Munn139 13th Great Grandfather
Born 1514, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Died about 1594
Parents ---, ---
Bridget Saxby139 Married: September 06, 1574, Cranbrook, Kent, England
Born about 1516, Kent, Exeter, Devon, England
Died about 1591, England
Parents ---, ---
Children of Stephen and Bridget
  1. *Elizabeth Ellen Munn