Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Sobriety Hilton and Henry Moulton

Sobriety Hilton113 9th Great Grandmother
Born about 1633, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire130
Died January 31, 1717/18, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Henry Moulton Married: November 20, 1651, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Children of Sobriety and Henry
  1. Miriam Moulton
  2. Joseph Moulton
  3. John Moulton
  4. *Josiah Moulton, Sr.
  5. Jonathan Moulton
  6. AbigailMoulton

Rebecca Hilton and Thomas Roberts

Rebecca Hilton63 9th Great Grandmother
Born 1602, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Died September 27, 1673, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Parents William Hilton, Sr., Ellen Mainwaring
Thomas Roberts Married: 1627, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Children of Rebecca and Thomas
  1. John Roberts
  2. Hester Roberts
  3. Jane Roberts
  4. Thomas Roberts
  5. *Anna Roberts
  6. *Elizabeth Roberts
  7. Sarah Roberts

Edward Hilton, Sr. and Catherine Shapleigh

Edward Hilton, Sr.63 10th Great Grandfather
Christened June 06, 1596, Northwich, Cheshire, England
Died December 1671, Newfields Village, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents William Hilton, Sr., Ellen Mainwaring
Notes Edward was the first permanent settler of New Hampshire. He had 6 children by his 1st wife.63

Edward first came to New England from London in 1628, where he was a fishmonger. He was a Founding Father of Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire and was in Exeter, New Hampshire by 1639.

Catherine Shapleigh Married:
Children of Edward, Sr. and Catherine
  1. Edward Hilton, Jr.
  2. William Hilton
  3. *Sobriety Hilton
  4. Susanna Hilton
  5. Charles Hilton
  6. Samuel Hilton

William Hilton, Sr. and Ellen Mainwaring

William Hilton, Sr.63 10th and 11th Great Grandfather
Born about 1550 of Northwich, Chesire, England139
Died 1605, Northwich, Wilton, Chesire, England
Parents William Hilton, Marguerite Metcalfe
Notes He was a saltmaker on a fish fleet.
Burial Notes Cheshire, England
Ellen Mainwaring139 Married: about 1584, Northwich, Chesire, England
Born about 1562, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Died March 27, 1606, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Parents John Mainwaring139, Jane Wright139
Children of William, Sr. and Ellen
  1. William Hilton, Jr.
  2. *Edward Hilton, Sr.
  3. Richard Hilton
  4. *Rebecca Hilton

William Hilton and Marguerite Metcalfe

William Hilton139 11th and 12th Great Grandfather
Born about 1516, Yorkshire, England
Died 1562, Durham, England
Parents William Hilton139, Sibill Lumley139
Marguerite Metcalfe139 Married: about 1554, Wenslydale, England
Born about 1520, Nappa, Yorkshire, England
Died about 1565, North Biddick, Durham, England
Parents James Metcalfe139, Margaret Pigott139
Children of William and Marguerite
  1. *William Hilton, Sr.

Hilton Aunts and Uncles


Edward Hilton, Jr. and Anne Dudley

Edward Hilton, Jr.163 10th Great Uncle
Born 1626, Northam (now Dover), Strafford, New Hampshire
Died April 28, 1699, Newfields, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Notes Edward Hilton, the eldest son, received the major share of his father's property. He was active in the affairs of his community, taking his father's place on the plantation, maintaining the garrison to defend it, and interesting himself in local matters. He was not prominent in politics, and we find few traces of him in the larger concerns of public life; but he was a highly respected citizen and a soldier. He seems to have been much in the company of his father, as their names appear together on many documents.163 He was elected Selectman of Exeter, New Hampshire.
Anne Dudley Married: about 1658, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire

William Hilton and Rebecca Symonds

William Hilton113 10th Great Uncle
Born 1628, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire163
Died March 04, 1693/94, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Notes William made the noted voyage to the southward on the Atlantic coast in 1662, when he discovered and named many places, among them Hilton Head, South Carolina.163 He was a sea Captain and Commander
Rebecca Symonds139 Married: 1667, Kittery, York, Maine
Born about 1634, Kittery, York, Maine
Died September 08, 1701, Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire

Susanna Hilton and Christopher Palmer

Susanna Hilton42 10th Great Aunt
Born about 1635
Died January 09, 1716/17, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Christopher Palmer42 Married: November 07, 1650, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Born about 1626, Ormesby, Norfolk, England
Died June 30, 1699, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Notes He emigrated with his parents to New England from Ormesby, Norfolk, England in 1637. (Click here for the passenger list).

Charles Hilton

Charles Hilton163 10th Great Uncle
Born 1638
Died 1683
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Notes He resided in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire
Spouse --- Married: ---

Samuel Hilton

Samuel Hilton113 10th Great Uncle
Born about 1640
Died ---
Parents Edward Hilton, Sr., Catherine Shapleigh
Spouse --- Married: ---

William Hilton, Jr. and Mary

William Hilton, Jr.139 10th Great Uncle
Born 1585, Northwich, Cheshire, England
Died June 28, 1655, York, York, Maine
Parents William Hilton, Sr., Ellen Mainwaring
Mary139 Married: about 1610, Northwich, Cheshire, England
Born about 1590, Durham, Durham, England
Died about 1645, Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire

Richard Hilton and Alice Smith

Richard Hilton139 10th Great Uncle
Born 1599, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Died February 1669/70, Witton, Northwich, England
Parents William Hilton, Sr., Ellen Mainwaring
Alice Smith139 Married: May 08, 1641, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Born about 1620, Wearmouth, Durham, England
Died ---