Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Judith Greenleaf and

Henry Somerby/ *Tristram Coffin

Judith Greenleaf1 9th Great Grandmother
Born September 02, 1625, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died December 15, 1705, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Edmund Greenleaf, Sarah Dole
Burial Notes First Parish Burying Ground, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts. Grave site for Judith (Greenleaf) Coffin.
Henry Somerby139 Married: about 1644, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Born March 17, 1611/12, Little Bytham, Lincoln, England
Died October 02, 1652, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Tristram Coffin Married: March 02, 1651/52, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts3
Children of Judith and Tristram
  1. *Judith Coffin
  2. Deborah Coffin
  3. Mary Coffin
  4. James Coffin
  5. John Coffin
  6. Lydia Coffin
  7. Enoch Coffin
  8. Stephen Coffin
  9. Peter Coffin
  10. Nathaniel Coffin

Edmund Greenleaf and Sarah Dole

Captain Edmund Greenleaf3 10th Great Grandfather
Born January 02, 1573/74, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died March 24, 1670/71, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Parents John Greenleaf, Margaret
Notes He was Ensign in 1639, Lieutenant in 1645, and Captain of the Militia under William Gerrish.
Sarah Dole Married: 1612, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Children of Edmund and Sarah
  1. *Judith Greenleaf
  2. Stephen Greenleaf
  3. Elizabeth Greenleaf

John Greenleaf and Margaret

John Greenleaf3 11th Great Grandfather
Born 1542, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died about 1592, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Parents possibly Stephen Greenleaf, ---
Margaret51 Married: about 1572, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Born 1546, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died about 1621, Claydon, Oxford, England
Children of John and Margaret
  1. *Edmund Greenleaf

Greenleaf Aunts and Uncles


Stephen Greenleaf and

Elizabeth Coffin/ Hester Weare

Captain Stephen Greenleaf75 10th Great Uncle
Christened August 10, 1628, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died December 01, 1690, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada
Parents Edmund Greenleaf, Sarah Dole
Notes He was appointed Ensign in 1670, Lieutenant in 1685, and Captain of the Militia in 1686. As a Captain of the Militia, he went with the disastrous Phips expedition against Port Royal, 1690, to Cape Breton, and was there wrecked in a vessel and drowned in company with nine others.
Elizabeth Coffin Married: November 13, 1651, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Hester Weare Married: March 31, 1679, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Greenleaf and

Giles Badger/ Richard Brown

Elizabeth Greenleaf139 10th Great Aunt
Born January 16, 1621/22, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Died April 26, 1661, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Edmund Greenleaf, Sarah Dole
Giles Badger139 Married: 1642, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Born about 1620, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died July 17, 1647, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Richard Brown139 Married: February 10, 1647/48, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Born 1607, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died April 26, 1661, Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts