Drowned at sea

October 08, 1657

Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire

This entry is thus quaintly made on the town records: "The sad hand of God upon eight psons goeing in a vessell by sea from Hampton to Boston, who were all swallowed up in the ocean soon after they were out of the Harbour."  

The event is described in the History of Hampton by Dow in the following manner: "In the autumn of 1657 an event occurred, which brought mourning and sorrow into several families in the town and cast a gloom over the whole community. A vessel sailed from our river, Oct. 20, bound for Boston, having on board four men, two women and two children - eight persons in all - belonging to Hampton. From some cause now not known, the vessel, soon after leaving the harbor, either foundered or was capsized and all on board perished. The persons lost were these: Robert Reed, Serg. William Swaine, Emanual Hilliard, John Philbrick and his wife Ann, and their daughter Sarah, Alice the wife of Moses Cox and John Cox their son and as is supposed their only child.