Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Amy Doggett and John Eddy

Amy Doggett54 10th Great Grandmother
Born July 16, 1597, Groton, Edwardston, Suffolk, England
Died August 20, 1683, Rehoboth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Parents John Doggett, Dorothy
John Eddy Married: 1619 in England
Children of Amy and John
  1. John Eddy
  2. *Sarah Eddy
  3. Mary Eddy
  4. Pilgrim Eddy
  5. Benjamin Eddy
  6. Samuel Eddy
  7. Ruth Eddy
  8. Abigail Eddy

John Doggett and Dorothy

John Doggett54 11th Great Grandfather
Born 1555, Groton, Suffolk, England
Died before May 29, 1619, Groton, Suffolk, England
Parents ---, ---
Dorothy54 Married: about 1578
Born 1559, Groton, Suffolk, England
Died March 04, 1604/05, Groton, Suffolk, England
Children of John and Dorothy
  1. *Amy Doggett