Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Mary Brewer and William Lane, Sr.

Mary Brewer49 9th Great Grandmother
Born about 1625, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died June 22, 1666, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Parents Thomas Brewer, Sarah
Burial Notes Pine Grove Cemetery, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
William Lane, Sr. Married: August 21, 1656, Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Children of Mary and William, Sr.
  1. Sarah Lane
  2. *William Lane, Jr.
  3. Elizabeth Lane
  4. Thomas Lane
  5. Ebenezer Lane

Sarah Brewer and Thomas Webster, Jr.

Sarah Brewer49 8th and 10th Great Grandmother
Born March 08, 1637/38, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died February 15, 1716/17, Kensington, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Thomas Brewer, Sarah
Thomas Webster, Jr. Married: November 29, 1657, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Children of Sarah and Thomas, Jr.
  1. Mary Webster
  2. *Sarah Webster
  3. Hannah Webster
  4. Thomas Webster
  5. Ebenezer Webster
  6. Isaac Webster
  7. John Webster
  8. Joshua Webster
  9. Abigail Webster

Thomas Brewer and Sarah

Thomas Brewer139 10th Great Grandfather
Born 1600, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died March 23, 1698/99 or 1690, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents ---, ---
Sarah113 Married: ---
Children of Thomas and Sarah
  1. *Mary Brewer
  2. Hannah Brewer
  3. Christopher Brewer
  4. *Sarah Brewer
  5. Peter Brewer

Brewer Aunts and Uncles


Hannah Brewer

Hannah Brewer139 10th Great Aunt
Born October 25, 1630, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
Died October 25, 1717, Andover, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Thomas Brewer, Sarah
Spouse Married: ---

Christopher Brewer

Christopher Brewer139 10th Great Uncle
Born about 1636, Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Thomas Brewer, Sarah
Spouse Married: ---

Peter Brewer and Elizabeth Linfurth

Peter Brewer49 10th Great Uncle
Born about 1644, Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died October 20, 1708, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Parents Thomas Brewer, Sarah
Elizabeth Linfurth139 Married: November 25, 1669, Haverhill, Essex County, Massachusetts
Born April 12, 1648, Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts
Died 1727, Massachusetts