Ancestors of Karen R. Brooks


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Individuals marked with an asterisk (*) are direct ancestors.


Isabella Austin and Philip Towle

Isabella Austin66 9th Great Grandmother
Born April 06, 1633, Colchester, Essex, England
Died December 07, 1719, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire44
Notes 19In the summer of 1680, after John Godfrey's young child died, Rachel Fuller was accused of causing the child's death by witchcraft. Rachel Fuller, Isabelle (Austin) Towle, Grace (Swaine) Boulter, Mary (Boulter) Prescott, and "Benjamin Evan's wife" are all named in a deposition sworn before Samuel Dalton in Hampton on July 14, 1680.

Elizabeth Denham and Mary Godfrey apparently made this deposition and claimed that, "we, being in discourse with Rachel Fuller, she told us how those that were Witches did so go abroad at night; they did lay their husbands and children asleep; and she said Rachel Fuller told us of several persons that she reckoned for Witches and Wizards in this Town, to the number of seven or eight. She said eight women and two men; some of whom she expressed by name, as Eunice Cole, Benjamin Evans wife and her daughters, Goodwife Boulter and her daughter Prescott, and Goodwife Towle, and one that is now dead.....Sworn the 14th of July 1680, before me, Samuel Dalton, of the Council."

None of these accused women were ever executed, though it is said that after Eunice Cole died her body was drug out into a field, thrown in a hole and had a stake drive into it to prevent her from rising from the dead and further tormenting the residents of Hampton.

Isabella Towle and Rachel Fuller were committed to prision until the sitting of the Hampton Court on September 7, 1680. The Hampton Court ordered that they continue in prison until bond of 100 pounds be given for their good behavior. John Fuller became bondsman for his wife; Isaac Marston and John Redman for Isabella. They were discharged at the Dover Court the following year. During the time of her imprisonment, Isabella was the mother of eight children, the youngest age two.

Isabella joined the church in Hampton in her old age, on July 2, 1699.

Parents Francis Austin, Isabella Bland
Philip Towle Married: November 19, 1657, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Children of Isabella and Philip
  1. Philip Towle
  2. Caleb Towle
  3. Joshua Towle
  4. Mary Towle
  5. *Benjamin Towle
  6. Joseph Towle
  7. Francis Towle
  8. John Towle
  9. Caleb Towle

Francis Austin and Isabella Bland

Francis Austin (aka Astin, Asten)113 10th Great Grandfather
Born July 13, 1594, Colchester, Essex, England
Died before July 13, 1642, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Richard Austin, Anne
Notes Francis and Isabel emigrated first to Dedham, and before June 30, 1640, to Hampton, New Hampshire, where he received a grant of land on June 30, 1640. Francis Austin was one of the earliest proprietors of Hampton.113
Isabella Bland Married: October 02, 1632, St. Mary the Virgin, Colchester, Essex, England
Children of Francis and Isabella
  1. *Isabella Austin
  2. Jemima Austin
  3. Kezia Austin

Richard Austin and Anne

Richard Austin139 11th Great Grandfather
Born 1554, Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Died February 15, 1622/23, Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Parents ---, ---
Anne139 Married: ---
Born about 1558, Titchfield, Hampshire, England,
Died July 04, 1623, Titchfield, Hampshire, England
Parents ---, ---
Children of Richard and Anne
  1. *Francis Austin

Austin Aunts and Uncles


Jemima Austin and John Knowles

Jemima Austin113 9th Great Aunt
Christened with her sister, Kezia January 24, 1640/41, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died December 05, 1705, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents Francis Austin, Isabella Bland
John Knowles113 Married: July 10, 1660, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Born about 1625, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died December 05, 1705, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Notes John was a mariner. He was blind during his last 10 years.113

Kezia Austin and John Tucker

Kezia Austin113 9th Great Aunt
Christened with her sister, Jemima January 25, 1640/41, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died ---
Parents Francis Austin, Isabella Bland
John Tucker139 Married: 1674, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Born 1633, Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Died ---